Tuesday, 16 October 2012

free single from Hacia Dos Veranos

we thought you might like to hear some previous HITS from the marvellous Hacia Dos Veranos, so here, for your FREE downloading pleasure are Yo La Tenia and Despertar... we asked Ignacio to let us know a little about each track

Yo la tenĂ­a’ is an ode to those summer mornings in which you wander around the city after a night out under the influence of stuff, and you amaze at the ordinary becoming strange and fantastic. People exercising in the park or waiting for the bus to go to work are suddenly transformed into scenes of disturbing fascination.

‘Despertar’ is the third and last song of our first EP, which is conceived as portraying the three stages of a sleepy afternoon. This track represents the pleasant waking up after the confusion of sleep.